Time to Move Your Payroll to the Cloud

Now is the time to move your payroll to the cloud! Why now you ask? Well, the end of the year is the perfect time to make changes to payroll so that you can start fresh in January. It’s much easier to have the whole year on the same payroll system for tax purposes. 

Why the cloud?

We love the cloud and have sung its praises in many ways over the last few years. See What is the Cloud and is it Safe? and Cloud vs Desktop Accounting.  We have more to say about the cloud too just search our website “cloud”.

Why now?

As I mentioned before now is the time!! Moving in the middle of the year is really difficult and will make you frustrated at the end of the year. But by starting the year fresh you are doing yourself a favor and making your life and your bookkeepers even easier! Get the ball rolling today so you can roll it out in time for the new year. 

Why do payroll in the cloud?

Ok so at this point I’m hoping you agree that now is the best time to do it and the cloud is the best! But why is the cloud so specifically good for payroll? Well, one huge reason is that these days our work is not all sitting in front of a desk. Often times we are on the go and taking care of things off our phones or tablets. If you are a business owner you probably are always getting pulled in different directions, wouldn’t it be nice to run payroll anytime anywhere? That’s what is so awesome about the cloud, it gives you access to your information at any time so you can take care of it at the time that is convenient for you. It also makes onboarding easy because your employees can enter all their information at a time that is convenient to them. 

Which app do you suggest?

Well, I will tell you what we use for our own firm! We use Gusto and we highly recommend it. Here is an article we wrote about why we like it so much. And here is an article we wrote on why it works well for construction firms.