Beyond your expectations of traditional bookkeeping

You want to understand how your business is really doing.

Our way of uncovering the truth is simple.

Your business, your numbers, your story – one chapter at a time.

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Your Business

Complete our survey to tell us about your business. What are you struggling with? What are your dreams and goals? What story are you telling yourself about your business and is it true? Do you want that story to change?

Your Numbers

The first step to getting accurate numbers is good data. QuickBooks or Xero, the same rules apply. Your books need to be set up, cleaned up, and caught up before you can start to understand the story your business is telling you.

Our ongoing services are:

  • Core, but custom – We’ll uncover what you need to grow and thrive while also staying compliant with the government.
  • Meaningful – With your best interests at heart, we’ll have the conversations no one else is having. With regularly scheduled meetings we’ll equip you to make informed decisions based on the story behind your numbers.
  • Consistent – Tools and technology may change, but our approach is constant and our core methodology ensures your data is accurate.

Your Story

Creating a better story for your business takes ongoing effort.

It requires custom strategy. No one else has quite the same journey as you do. We believe that giving you a one-size-fits all package would do you a disservice.

We manage multiple small non-profits and it can be tricky to keep everything in line. We were never quite sure if our data was correct. Working with Beyond enables us to be able to trust that our accounting records are accurate and has allowed us to focus on other aspects of the businesses. The Beyond team is always fast to respond when we have questions and our problems are solved quickly and easily.

Rolf Bienert – Bienert Consulting, San Ramon, CA

How it works

You’re going to experience changes in your business. Change is inevitable and even painful at times. But nothing feels as painful as being stuck.

Our approach to building successful relationships won’t change. We’ll always recommend the best solutions for you and your business. And we’ll be there to keep moving you forward.

At the center of your business story is you. Supporting you is our tried and tested way of implementing change successfully.

Does that sound good to you?