Prepare your business for success with Initial Services

Our Initial Services allow us to start on a fresh page together. Our ultimate goal is to ensure you’re set up for success.

Chapter 1: Check-up

In the Check-up phase, we’ll review your accounting records to determine how accurate your data is and what improvements can be made. We’ll prepare a detailed report and share our recommendations on how to move forward.

Chapter 2: Set-up or Clean-up


To be certain your numbers are accurate from the start, we’ll configure a brand-new accounting file for you and provide you with training.


We’ll clean up your existing accounting file to ensure your accounting data is as accurate as possible. Then, we’ll build an infrastructure that improves the usefulness of your data.

Chapter 3: Catch-up

Falling behind on bookkeeping can happen to anyone. We’ll bring your accounting file up to date so that you’re ready for ongoing bookkeeping services. Keep in mind that Clean-up fees will be dependent upon the complexity of your transactions and how many months need to be caught up.