You’re telling yourself a story about your business. Is it true?

Understanding your business story begins with your numbers. Controlling your cash can change your future story.

Bookkeepers who tell you the truth, and help you find it.

Truth: You can start a new chapter in your business.

Whatever stage you’re at in your business, you can improve your situation.

Doing the books is just the beginning. You still find yourself asking why your numbers say you’ve made a large profit, when you think you’re barely breaking even.

When you can translate what the numbers mean, you’re truly empowered. You’ll start to see your reports in real terms: cash in the bank, a new office, a bigger team, a business that doesn’t depend on you.

That’s a big task to take on solo.

books on shelf
Fiction: The key to success is the accounting software.

Yes, modern accounting software is crucial for accurate bookkeeping.

But don’t get hung up on the options. There’s no one-size fits all solution.

The best accounting software is the one that works for you. Your situation, your business, your specific needs.

Truth: Support goes beyond just business talk.

We want your business to succeed. But we also care about what’s beyond the business.

In the driver’s seat of that business is a person (that’s you).

And as long as you’re in it for the long haul, we’ll be right here in the passenger seat.


Our most successful clients are the ones we build long term trusted relationships with.

We have our own set of truths about what working with you as a person means.

Fundamental Truths



We will always choose honesty. There is no wiggle room for sneaking around laws here. We’ll always do what’s right and what’s fair, not just what’s easy.


We do our part and you do yours. We will honor your time and resources and know you’ll do the same.


We always look for the very best for our clients. We are open to new things and don’t get stuck in a “this is the way it’s always been done” mindset.


We don’t believe success is a product of overworking. Nothing is unsolvable. We’ll be the calm through the storm. We’ll work out issues together without getting out of balance or shaking the peace.

With Beyond’s help, I can now generate reports easily and have learned airtight processes to track my business performance metrics. This past year I was able to proactively make changes before I got into a cash crunch. Now I have the numbers, and I am paying attention to them, to make good decisions and have a solid approach to manage my cash flow.

Michael Garber – Michael Garber Financial Planning, San Jose, CA

Ready to uncover the truth about your business?