Are you living in the past or planning for the future?
Go beyond the bookkeeping and design the business you really want

Bookkeeping is crucial for knowing where you stand. You’re getting regular up to date numbers, and some analysis on what they’re telling you about your business.

But this analysis comes from past performance, so you’re still looking back to plan forward.

We offer a series of next level services with a future focus, so you can confidently move towards your big picture goals.

You want change

  • You’re getting regular accurate bookkeeping from us
  • You want to invest in the future of your business
  • You want a partner for the journey
  • You’re an implementer, who takes advice and puts it into action

Choose an option

to learn more about how we can help you in these areas

Cash Flow Projections

In human terms, you want to know how much money is coming into your business and how much is going out.

We’ll plan ahead so you always know how much money you’re going to have at any given time.

Cash flow projections help clients to:

  • know they can afford to hire a new employee
  • make contingencies for losing a key customer
  • make sure you aren’t paying yourself too much

If you're a current client:

Not a current client?

Strategy Sessions

Monthly or quarterly

We give you the space and the freedom to talk about whatever is most important. Let’s remove the roadblocks standing in the way of your growth.

We’ll figure out what you need to take your business to the next level and coach you on how to get there.

Our strategy sessions have helped clients to:

  • Improve intercompany relationships
  • Bring on a new employee
  • Find the right apps to improve processes
  • Get training on time saving tech
  • Improve their workflows

Want a one-time session?

Want to add this to your package?

Year-End Forecasting

You have goals you want to achieve this year – but you’re concerned about your net profit, and you’re not sure practically how you’re going to do it.

We look at what your net profit will be ahead of time, and provide steps to get there.

How does it work?

Step 1 We get your numbers all caught up first
Step 2 We discover where your business is right now
Step 3 We discuss your goals, and identify the gaps in the road to achieving them
Step 4 We will fill the gap with whatever action you need to get there (e.g moving money to reach the goal, adjusting payments, readjusting the goal posts)

Know what’s coming, so you can grow your business confidently


No. This is the full kit & kaboodle. It has to start with regular accurate bookkeeping, because in order to create forecasts and talk strategy, we need to have up to date clean numbers. If we’re not already doing your books, don’t worry, we can get you started with that.

Visit our Pricing page to learn more about how we price our services. 

This isn’t a package deal. Of course you can have all three services (and we recommend it), but you can also opt for just one of them. We’ll suggest what we think is best based on where you want to be.

Absolutely, we want to have all key decision makers on these calls.