Simplify your finances with Ongoing Bookkeeping Services

Once your Initial Services are completed, we’ll be ready to turn a new page together. Our Ongoing Bookkeeping Services will ensure your financial data remains accurate and up to date so you can make informed business decisions.

Just as no two businesses are the same, your ongoing bookkeeping services will be unique to your specific needs.

We can assist you with:

Entering transactions

Expense receipt management

Account reconciliations

Reviewing open invoices and unpaid bills

Entering payroll transactions

Meaningful reports

Meetings to review your reports and goals

Additional Services

Clients who receive Ongoing Bookkeeping Services from Beyond can also benefit from add-on services, such as 1099 Management and Fixed Asset Management.

Learn more about both below.


1099 Management

Our clients benefit from accurate, timely, and hassle-free preparation and filing of 1099s. We’ll ensure that all necessary information is captured from your vendors and organized year-round so that there is no scrambling as year-end approaches.


Fixed Asset Mgmt

Nearly every business has some type of fixed assets. We will review the fixed assets on your books and handle additions and disposals proactively on your behalf. We can also assist with any reporting requirements you may have.

Grab our free eBook on 1099 forms!

Download our 11-page guide covering everything you need to know to understand, track, and file 1099 forms correctly.

Our ultimate aim is to simplify your finances and get you on the right track for growth. Learn how Beyond Advisory Services can help.