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Should I Hire a Professional to file my 1099s?

Maze hire professional for 1099s

Each year we prepare hundreds of 1099s for our clients. As we’ve discussed in previous blog posts, the IRS requires businesses to file 1099s each year for specific vendors and payments.  Often, our clients are very surprised when we prepare their 1099s for the first time. Generally, we will ask about payments to vendors that […]

What can I do to prepare for year-end?

Clock Prepare for Year End

It’s time to begin thinking about year-end! Can you believe it? What do you see as your greatest accomplishment this past year? With the year-end approaching, we often get asked several questions on how to get ready. We thought this year we would provide a short Q&A list to help prepare for Year-End.  Why do […]

How to Stop Being a Procrastinator

snail stop being a procrastinator

It seems like there are three types of people out there when it comes to year-end and procrastinating. Which one would you classify yourself as? Uber prepared – You have been preparing for year-end all year long! You have a checklist of what you need to do and everything is tidy and organized, just like […]

Get Ready for Year-End Bonuses!

gazebo Year-End Bonuses

One of the most common methods of showing appreciation to staff is by issuing year-end bonuses. Your employees work very hard, and as a business owner, you want to reward their efforts.  While paying a bonus to your employees may sound simple, both federal and state agencies have rules regarding the taxability of these types […]

Getting Ready for Year-End

path getting ready for year end

Although the 4th Quarter has barely begun, the Beyond Team has been busy getting ready for year-end. At our firm, the first four months of the year requires “all hands on deck”. We find that year-end goes most smoothly when transactions and reconciliations are up-to-date before the actual end of the year. As the old […]