Three Apps that work well with QBO

bricks Apps that work with QBO

You know that QuickBooks Online (QBO) offers several tools right within the software. You can retrieve bank feeds, track expenses, and even run payroll. However, you may find using these tools in QBO to be too complicated. You want to automate your accounting, but you want it to be simple. 

The good news is that QBO also integrates with hundreds of third-party apps. In this article, we share three of our favorite apps that work with QBO and why we think you should consider them for your business. 

Gusto helps you love payroll again 

gusto Apps that work with QBO

What it does: Gusto makes it easy to manage payroll, HR, and benefits in a simple user-friendly interface. 

Why we like it: We can’t say enough good things about Gusto; in fact, we wrote a separate article about why we love it so much. Running payroll and contractor payments in Gusto takes minutes. Gusto prepares, files, and pays payroll tax returns for all 50 states. Employee benefits & workers comp can be managed easily for all your employees. And did we mention their customer support is delightful? 

In addition to all those great features, the integration with QBO is fairly straightforward. Each time you run payroll or pay a contractor, Gusto will automatically sync the information into your QBO account. Gusto’s mapping settings allow you to assign payroll line items to your chart of accounts. You can also group payroll by class or location

Perfect for: The business owner who loves their team, but hates doing payroll.  

Dext gets the receipts out of the shoebox 

dext Apps that work with QBO

What it does: Dext Prepare gives you the ability to upload and digitize your expenses by uploading your receipts via email or through your mobile device. 

Why we like it: The moment you upload a receipt into Dext, OCR technology extracts all the important information. Supplier, Amount, and Payment Method are filled in automatically. From there, you can upload the transactions into QBO and include a copy of the receipt. If you are tracking corporate credit cards, you can set up multiple users in Dext and have them upload their expenses from wherever they are.

Supplier rules allow you to assign categories or auto-publish expenses. You can even mark expenses as billable before sending them into QBO. When you are ready to bill your customer, those expenses are waiting to be added to their invoice.  

Perfect for: The business owner who is tired of storing receipts in a shoebox or manages their office operations on the go. 

Melio lets you say goodbye to writing checks

What it does: Melio lets you pay any bill from a vendor or contractor easily and electronically using a bank transfer or credit card. 

Why we like it: As far as QBO integrations go, this product is one of the best. Melio works inside your QBO software without having to log into a separate application. Simply locate your bills in QBO and schedule payment. You can schedule one or multiple payments at once. You can also initiate invites to your contractors and vendors to securely provide their information for electronic payments in the future. 

One of the best features about Melio is the ability to pay your vendors with a credit card or bank transfer even if they only accept checks. Simply initiate the payment, and tell Melio to send the vendor a check payment.  Payments to vendors via bank transfer are absolutely free. Payments by credit card are charged a small merchant fee. 

Perfect for: The business owner who is tired of writing checks and needs a payment solution that helps them manage their cash flow. 

These are just a few of the many apps available that work with QBO. For a complete list of available app integrations, be sure to visit the QuickBooks App Store

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