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Three Apps that work well with QBO

bricks Apps that work with QBO

You know that QuickBooks Online (QBO) offers several tools right within the software. You can retrieve bank feeds, track expenses, and even run payroll. However, you may find using these tools in QBO to be too complicated. You want to automate your accounting, but you want it to be simple.  The good news is that […]

App Spotlight: Dext

Gears Dext

You have lots of receipts and you want a digital solution that allows you to track all of your expenses in one place. You also want the solution to communicate with your accounting software. In this App Spotlight, we discuss why Dext is the expense management solution for you! What is Dext? Dext (formerly known […]

Proper Meeting Etiquette on Zoom

laptop bush proper meeting etiquette on zoom

It’s a whole new world, for all of us in many ways. One big change for many is the shift from working at the office to working at home. Meetings normally held in person are now being held virtually with video conferencing tools such as Zoom. If you are new to this meeting format, what […]

App Spotlight:

logo add-on

We enjoy talking about the add-ons that we love and that we use regularly. Today we are featuring the payment app Read along and find out why we love and why we recommend it to our clients.  The challenge that many business owners face is that bill paying can be painful! Writing checks or […]

App Spotlight: Google Sheets

This month we have been discussing collaboration within the cloud and within your business. If you are not using Google Sheets, you really should consider using it to collaborate. We are a bit obsessed with Google Sheets over at Beyond Headquarters. There is a lot of excited banter about all the new things we have discovered […]

App Spotlight: Harvest

We like to feature apps for Xero that we find especially useful. This month we are featuring Harvest. Harvest is a dynamic time tracking application that integrates well with Xero and is easy to use! Managing projects is user-friendly Harvest features an interface that is easy to use and can be accessed anywhere. The bright […]

App Spotlight: Gusto

sunbeam gusto

Hiring your first employee is a major milestone in your business. Most business owners enjoy working with their team, but they don’t enjoy paying their employees. Why? Because payroll is complicated. With Gusto, it doesn’t have to be.  Gusto understands the common pain points of paying your employees and subcontractors. They remove those frustrations with a […]