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5 Bottlenecks to Avoid that Stump Your Business Growth

As a business owner, you have likely acquired many skills and are wearing many hats in your business. Although admirable, your versatility can often lead to slower growth for your company. This happens when you become the bottleneck. Here are five places to check to make sure you haven’t become the bottleneck in your own […]

Life Beyond the Profit & Loss Statement – Do You Know Your Lifestyle Ratios?

Each month, you may anxiously await the reports that provide the numbers that help you manage your business. Revenue, net income, total expenses, and payroll costs are just a few of the items that you may be monitoring on your profit and loss statement. Those numbers will help you meet and improve your business goals, […]

12 Low-Cost Employee Perks for Fun & High Performance

It is always a good idea to help employees stay motivated, and there are many things you can do besides the traditional cash bonus. Here are twelve ideas that cost little, yet go a long way with employees, contractors, and other business associates. 1.     Compressed workweek. Employees love getting Friday afternoons off, or even a […]

8 Smart Steps to Fiscal Responsibility

As our businesses grow and our schedules fill with serving clients, it’s easy to overlook how our personal financial needs might have changed. Here are eight best-practice tips of millionaire business owners and how they personally protect their wealth. 1.  Move your money from banks to brokerage accounts. Instead of having their money tied up […]

An Appetite for Double-Dipping (and I Don’t Mean Ice Cream)

We never think it will happen to us. Becoming a victim of fraud is a horrible experience. It can cause financial damage, sometimes significant enough to put us out of business. It is a time-consuming business disruption which often involves accountants, lawyers, credit bureaus, bank executives, and IRS and state tax agents. Worst of all, […]