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New Year – New You: Setting Goals in 2020

It is hard to believe that we have just embarked on a brand new decade. I don’t know about you but I cannot say or think about the year 2020 without thinking about vision. Seeing clearly is, of course, very important to our day to day life. It is also essential that you have a […]

What Can I Do to Prepare for Year End?

It’s time to begin thinking about year-end! Can you believe it? Looking back, the Beyond Team accomplished a lot this year. We attended several accounting training events, had a successful team retreat in the Spring, implemented several new apps within the firm, and even participated in a Jam Off! What do you see as your […]

Can I Do My Books Myself?

As a person who enjoys crafts, there is a particular pleasure in being able to make something yourself.  If you are a small business owner, your business is like a craft project: an idea that was brought to life through hard work and creativity. So it’s common that when business owners contact us, they have […]

How to Automate your Summer

It’s summer! Perhaps by now your kids are out of school and you are enjoying the weather together or maybe you are planning a fun vacation. We hope you are! Earlier we talked about ways that the cloud can help you enjoy your summer and today we would like to add to that topic by discussing […]

Back to Business

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September is here!  Oh, how I love September.  It’s definitely my favorite month followed closely by October.  What is it about September that I love so much you might ask? Well for one, it is my anniversary month and I like to celebrate all month long.  But another big reason might also appeal to you […]

Xero The Hero: Using Xero to Collaborate

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This month we are focusing on collaboration. One of the Beyond Team’s favorite tools is Xero. Find out how our team uses features in Xero to collaborate with our clients. The Discuss Feature We regularly use the Discuss feature in Xero. The Discuss tab can be found when you have any unreconciled transactions and you […]

The Benefits of Collaboration

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Collaboration is a very trendy word these days in the business world. Millennials love to collaborate and it seems to be a hot topic. Gone are the days of independently working on tasks. Most tasks seem to be shared by a team and collaborated on. What exactly is collaboration, and what are the benefits to […]

What to Do About Spam

Unfortunately, spam is an inevitable part of today’s digital world.  The bad news is if you have your spam settings set too tightly, you will lose good emails.  If you receive new prospects via email, you may miss out on good clients and revenue.  If you have your settings too loose, you have to take […]