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Does Your Small Business Need a CRM?

Have you ever stayed at a hotel and then returned, finding that they have stocked your room with everything you asked for the last time you were here? Your special allergenic pillow was already waiting for you, you were asked if you would like a dinner reservation made just like you always do the first […]

Avoid the Three Biggest Sales Mistakes and Close More Business

Every sales lead is precious. It takes a lot to get people’s attention these days, and once a lead or prospect comes in your door, you’ve accomplished that hurdle, but now you have another one: getting the business. To ensure you can turn those prospects into paying customers as often as possible, here are three […]

Five Fall Projects to Refresh Your Financial Results

As we move into the fall season and the final quarter of the year, it’s a perfect time to commit to a project in your business that will help you reach the year’s end in better shape. Here are five ideas: 1.     Back-to-School Time If payroll expenses are one of the higher costs in your […]

What’s Your Opportunity Number?

Is your revenue increasing or decreasing every year? There are many factors that can cause your revenue to slide, and one of them I’d like to introduce is your opportunity number. Your opportunity number is the smallest amount of business you’re willing to take on when you take on a new client. Here’s an example: […]

The Fine Art of the Upsell

Restaurants do it beautifully.  “Did you leave any room for dessert or coffee?”  “Want fries with your burger?”  The All-Important Upsell How does your company rate when it comes to the all-important upsell?  Is it smooth like a restaurant waitress who smiles while she delivers her line? Or could it be improved?  While you don’t […]