Client loyalty: why you benefit

 “Effective customer relationship management means organising your entire business to focus on the needs of customers.”

We take pride in client loyalty. It is an extremely important part of our ethos. We believe it drives us to work harder for our people, and we also believe in the nature of a longstanding client-accountant partnership.

Client loyalty stems from the client feeling as if they are getting value for money. Or, in more formal terms, ROI (return on investment). Money hard-earned should be money well-spent.

To us, that means money invested in our services. Ostensibly, we are here to tidy up your books, provide clean data and help you meet taxation requirements. But as a client soon learns from their investment into our services, a whole world of financial possibility opens when we start thinking outside the square.

From an initial tax query or accounting problem, we soon build a picture as to what you represent, what you have set out to achieve and how we can better assist you. We feed off your vision, and we challenge ourselves to optimise that vision. The more we get to know you, and the more you get to know us, the stronger a bond forms.

This means we can help you understand certain parts of your accounting better; and alleviate the pressure from other parts of your bookkeeping by taking on the task altogether. We’re here to inform and to assist you; to better and to develop your business.

From a longstanding partnership, you benefit from an understanding that can only come from time: the highs and lows of a new business, the stresses around reporting and reconciliation on an annual basis; the delicate nature of rapid growth and handling it without imploding or risking your company’s ability to ride the wave without going under. It’s about looking after our clients- that’s how we have built our reputation; what we’re known for, and how we have grown over 26 years.

If you are wanting to translate what we are wanting to achieve with the partnership between Beyond Balanced Books and your company, into your own business, take a look at this Small Business Guide from our preferred cloud-based system, Xero.

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