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Moving Beyond – What our rebrand means for you

If you’ve seen our new home page you’ll have encountered a question we ask all our clients to get to the core of how we can help them.  Are you telling yourself a story about your business, and is it true? A company’s brand tells a story too. Last year we realized that the story […]

Xero Checkup

We offer a service called a Xero Checkup. You might be wondering what exactly is included in our Xero Checkup. We want to share a little with you on what a Xero Checkup is and how having this service done is vital to making sure that your accounting information in Xero is working well for […]

Loving the Xero Community

Oftentimes people ask me why I choose Xero as our cloud accounting platform.  Foremost is that I love the product.  I can recall vividly the first day I was introduced to Xero.  Within a very short time, I fell in love with the bank reconciliation.  It is still one of my favorite features in Xero.  […]

We Love Working With Contractors

We love working with contractors. In fact we would say that we specialize in working with contractors. Why?  My husband is a landscape contractor. This makes it easy for me to relate on a personal level to contractors. Doing the day to day bookkeeping of my husband’s business for more than three decades has given […]

Client loyalty: why you benefit

 “Effective customer relationship management means organising your entire business to focus on the needs of customers.” We take pride in client loyalty. It is an extremely important part of our ethos. We believe it drives us to work harder for our people, and we also believe in the nature of a longstanding client-accountant partnership. Client loyalty […]