Keeping ‘ahead of the curve’ using technology

We have built our company on the foundation of always being ‘ahead of the curve’ when it comes to technology and in-the-now best practice.

This fascinating article from the Harvard Business Review resonated with our approach to, not only how we do business, but how we see what success looks like if you, our client/the company director/the product developer are open to the same early adoption approaches.

“…the greatest challenge to companies today is not keeping up with their competitors, but with their own customers.” We totally agree. We are focused solely on developing our own skillsets and meeting the needs of our clients.

We have total faith in how we conduct our business, and thrive on that client relationship. In order to meet your needs optimally, we need to understand you as best we can.

“One reason is that individuals are transforming to digital faster than organizations. Think for a moment about people as tiny enterprises. They’ve redesigned their core processes in the area of procurement (online shopping), talent acquisition (marketplaces), collaboration (social networking), market research (peer reviews), finance (mobile payments) and travel (room and ride sharing). Have you reinvented your core processes to the same degree?”

“Customers’ expectations are also more liquid and no longer based on industry boundaries. Customers – whether consumers or business buyers – don’t compare your customer service to that of your competitors, but to the best customer service they receive from anywhere.

The same is true for their expectations of your website, mobile app, loyalty program, branding, and even social responsibility.” So how can you keep up? Start thinking like your customers.

“Business used to be about getting customers to do what you wanted them to do. But customers don’t accept this anymore. They want relationships based on reciprocity, transparency and authenticity.

If you want to keep up with your customer, you can’t be focused on getting them to do what you want, but instead helping them do what they want.” We couldn’t have put it better ourselves!