How to Edit the Dashboard in Xero

The dashboard in Xero is a great jumping off point where users can find important information at a glance. Of course, Xero recognizes that what is important information to one user may not be pertinent to another. That is why each user can customize their dashboard to show the information that they wish to see when they log into their company file.

Editing the dashboard is easy. Simply click on the Edit dashboard button at the bottom of the dashboard screen as shown in the image below.

Dashboard 1

In the top left of the tiles, you will see two new icons as shown in the picture below. If you click and hold on the icon in the top left, you can drag the tiles to their desired location. If you don’t wish to have a tile appear on your dashboard, then click on Hide.

Dashboard 2

When you are done editing the dashboard, then click Done at the bottom of the screen.

Dashboard 3