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Moving Beyond – What our rebrand means for you

If you’ve seen our new home page you’ll have encountered a question we ask all our clients to get to the core of how we can help them.  Are you telling yourself a story about your business, and is it true? A company’s brand tells a story too. Last year we realized that the story […]

Xero in on Xero: Using GoCardless with Xero

Our founder, Cindy Hovig, recently contributed to Insightful Accountant’s Xero in on Xero Series. The latest article written by Cindy discusses using the payment service Go Cardless in Xero. You can read it here.  We are big fans of using payment services like Go Cardless with Xero to get paid faster.  For more articles on […]

Challenge Accepted: Bring Order to My Messy Books [Part One]

We are going to zero in on six different challenges that affect almost all business owners at some point in time. This will be an ongoing series called Challenge Accepted. Over the next couple of months, we will discuss each challenge and give you some ideas and solutions for each challenge you encounter. Here is […]

Xero in on Xero Series – Featured Article on Bank Rules Tips & Tricks

Our founder, Cindy Hovig, has been featured in Insightful Accountant’s latest series about Xero:  Xero in on Xero Series. The latest article was written by Cindy and is talking about Bank Rules, Tips, and Tricks. Read it here.  We love using bank rules in Xero and we hope that you do too. This is a […]

Handy How-To: How To Copy an Invoice

It’s time for a handy how-to. Today we are talking about how to copy an invoice. Have you ever wanted to charge one of your customers for something very similar that you have billed them before? Perhaps you do work for someone once a year, you could just copy the invoice from last year and only edit […]