How do I find the bookkeeper that’s right for me?

Puzzle find the right bookkeeper

When trying to find the right bookkeeper, it’s important to look for someone whose values match your own. Just like in any relationship, if you share the same values, your professional partnership with them will be healthy. Which values are important in a bookkeeper? Here are some of the core values we share with our best clients. 

Integrity is the foundation of good decision making

Integrity carries with it the idea of being honest and whole. A bookkeeper with integrity does not lie to or for you. They understand that complete and accurate books are the foundation of good decision-making.

Our team knows integrity is vital to building trust with our clients. The businesses we work with count on us to tell them the truth. Open and truthful discussion with our clients empowers them to move forward with confidence. 

Everyone wants to be treated with respect

Everyone wants to be treated with respect. It is no different with your bookkeeper. Only when all parties are respectful of each other will you have a healthy relationship.

Our team shows respect for the clients we work with in these key ways:

  • Providing a detailed description and price of what is included upfront
  • Completing our services on time 
  • Meeting together for meaningful discussions
  • Working with our clients to come up with solutions

Our clients show respect for us in these ways:

  • By providing requested documentation or answers in a timely manner
  • Participating in regular meetings with us
  • Considering our recommendations with an open mind

Above all, listening to each other is important to establish and maintain respectful relationships.

Innovative bookkeepers find solutions

A bookkeeper that is innovative doesn’t see problems, they see opportunities. Whether your challenge is common or unique, they can find a solution to match it. How so?

As modern bookkeepers, we often use technology to solve our client’s pain points. However, innovation goes beyond seeing a single problem. We try to understand how an obstacle impacts the business as a whole. Then we set about finding creative ways to solve complex problems.

When working with a bookkeeper, finding the problems isn’t enough. Coming up with simple solutions to solve these problems is what will benefit you the most. 

Bookkeepers impart calm and remove uncertainty

Problems cannot always be avoided but a calm bookkeeper can help you to tackle them with balance and composure. A bookkeeper can impart calm and remove uncertainty as they work with you to ensure that your accounts are in order.

We firmly believe that good communication is key to maintaining calm and peaceful relationships. We endeavor to be clear and responsive in dealing with our clients. As a result, confusion is minimized. Then we and our clients can keep calm and carry on.

The process to find the right bookkeeper is important. There are no shortcuts. At Beyond, we appreciate when our clients share our values. In our experience, when bookkeepers and clients possess the same values, it leads to healthy relationships.

Interested in learning how we blend these values into our services? Visit our Services page to learn more about what we do here at Beyond.