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Working from home: How will it all work?

This is the third part of our Working from home series.  In Where should you start?, we discussed how to quickly form a plan to transition your team to remote work, focusing on the needs that have the highest priority. In What technologies should consider?, we provided you with a shortlist of tools that our […]

Working from home: What technologies should you consider?

In our previous blog, we discussed how transitioning your team to working from home can be a challenge. Be sure to check out the suggestions on how to get started.  So let’s say that you have drafted your list of priorities and have identified your team’s MOST pressing need for working remotely. Is your greatest […]

Working from home: Where should you start?

In light of the current COVID-19 situation, many small business owners and their teams’ are working from home, some for the first time. We know that this change can be very challenging for the small business owner.   There are many technologies available that can enable you as the business owner and your team to work […]

Xero in on Xero: Using GoCardless with Xero

Our founder, Cindy Hovig, recently contributed to Insightful Accountant’s Xero in on Xero Series. The latest article written by Cindy discusses using the payment service Go Cardless in Xero. You can read it here.  We are big fans of using payment services like Go Cardless with Xero to get paid faster.  For more articles on […]

Tools of the Trade

Most professions have “tools of the trade” that they use, and bookkeeping is no exception.  I was recently reminded of how I love talking about and using such tools while attending the QuickBooks Connect accounting technology conference in San Jose in November.   One of my favorite things to do at such conferences is to find […]

Add-on Spotlight:

We enjoy talking about the add-ons that we love and that we use regularly. Today we are featuring Read along and find out why we love and why we recommend it to our clients.  The challenge that many business owners face is that bill paying can be painful! Writing checks or paying bills by […]

The Comparison: The Cloud vs. Desktop Accounting

As an individual, I would not be termed an early-adopter. I’m cautious of new technology. I wait until it’s been tested, recommended, and proven to be easy to use and extremely convenient. I am a millennial, but I preferred paperbacks and hardcovers to eBooks. I filled notebooks during classes and lectures. I was trained in […]

Trello: A Love Story

Recently one of our team members wrote a fantastic blog about bullet journaling. It was inspiring! I’ve been on a bit of an organization kick lately, so it really resonated with me. How wonderful to have all your life organized in one easy to access place! The thing is I’m really not that into paper anymore. […]

Loving the Xero Community

Oftentimes people ask me why I choose Xero as our cloud accounting platform.  Foremost is that I love the product.  I can recall vividly the first day I was introduced to Xero.  Within a very short time, I fell in love with the bank reconciliation.  It is still one of my favorite features in Xero.  […]

Xero The Hero: Machine Learning in Bill Entering

We talk a lot about “machine learning” at BBB headquarters and also in everyday life. It seems to have become a buzzword these days, but have you ever wondered what exactly is “machine learning”. We have too. For the purpose of this discussion let’s define what it is a focus on how Xero uses machine […]