Three Benefits of Moving Your Bookkeeping to the Cloud

clouds Moving your bookkeeping to the cloud

I know you probably think Beyond Balanced Books invented the cloud for all we talk about it. But we just can’t help ourselves! We just love the cloud and love how it makes both our and our clients lives so much easier. We would like to share with you three reasons why you should consider moving your bookkeeping to the cloud.

Work when and how you want

This is major! If you are a business owner, you know that your work does not all happen between 9-5 behind a desk. You are out and about putting out fires and keeping your business thriving. That’s awesome!

If your bookkeeping is in the cloud it will be with you where ever you are. You can do your work when and how you want. You can even do your bookkeeping on your smartphone or tablet!

Improve your collaboration

If you work with a team, be it your bookkeeper, your business partner, your CPA or maybe all of the above, there can be a lot of collaboration going on! When you are on a desktop bookkeeping system sometimes you can only have one person working in the file at a time and your information is tied to one computer. This can make it difficult to collaborate.

With the cloud, all team members can be working in your books at the same time. For example, one feature we really like in Xero is the Discuss tab. Often we will ask clients about specific transactions and they are able to our questions right in the product. Their comments are saved with the transaction which allows us to refer back to the dialogue later. When it comes to all hands on deck, the cloud is the way to go. 

Gain work-life balance

If you are a business owner, you are probably still trying to figure out the whole work-life balance thing. But by being in the cloud it can help even more so to achieve a balance. You can choose when you get your work done and you can even do it remotely. You will not be tethered to your desktop computer anymore and this gives you a lot of freedom. 

Not sure how to get started?  If you would like some help in moving your bookkeeping to the cloud, the Beyond Team is here for you! Contact us here.