Xero in on Xero: Using GoCardless with Xero

Our founder, Cindy Hovig, recently contributed to Insightful Accountant’s Xero in on Xero Series. The latest article written by Cindy discusses using the payment service GoCardless with Xero. We are big fans of using payment services like GoCardless with Xero to get paid faster. A sample portion of the article can be found below:

“Not only is GoCardless a good payment solution for one-off invoices, but it especially works well for repeating invoices and for future invoices for existing customers. Payments can be automatically processed without either you or your customer needing to enter the payment details after the initial authorization form has been completed. This means that GoCardless is well-suited for any type of business.

Overall, I was really happy with GoCardless. Setup was easy, the customer experience is very good, and best of all the related transactions automatically are entered into Xero! I feel the overall design of the screens compliments Xero very well and am excited to use this payment solution in the future.”

You can read more from the rest of the article here

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