What can I do if I have not received PPP funding?

Question Mark What can I do if I have not received PPP funding

We have been talking with many of our clients regarding the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) authorized by the CARES Act these past couple of weeks.  Some of our clients applied for a PPP loan and have already received funding. However, many ran into problems with the application process.  Perhaps you have asked: “What can I do if I have not received PPP funding?”

Here are some common questions about PPP and some helpful suggestions. 

What can I do if I applied for a PPP loan but have not heard back?

The good news is that the SBA has begun accepting applications for the second round of funding as of April 27, 2020.

If you already applied for a PPP loan, check with your lender to find out the status of your application.  In some instances, you may need to reapply.  

What can I do if I have not applied for a PPP loan yet?

If you haven’t yet applied for a PPP loan but are hoping to secure a loan, you may still be able to submit an application with many lenders.  The deadline to apply for a PPP loan was recently extended to August 8, 2020.

The SBA provides a listing of eligible lenders in your area.  You can also reach out to the community banks in your city, or look into online lenders that are taking applications such as FunderaKabbagePayPal, and many others.

What else can I do right now?

Here are some ideas we suggest of steps you can take right now:

We have been hard at work with our clients to assist in any way we can.  We know that these are stressful times. The resources available for small businesses are continually evolving so keep current as these develop so you can find solutions to assist you.

Updated 7/7/2020