What Is The Cloud and Is it Safe?

The short answer is YES!

As you know we are a cloud-based bookkeeping firm. We love the cloud and we talk about it often.  But what really is the cloud and is it a secure choice to use? How can you know if your data is secure? And how can you make sure you are safe when using the cloud? Today we will answer all these questions.

What is the Cloud?

Put simply, the cloud is a way of describing data and applications that are stored online. It used to be that you went out and bought a program, installed it on to your computer, and the program and data were stored on your own hard drive. Now many applications run online on remote servers. The data is also served on those servers. These servers are secure and managed 24 hours a day.

Is your data safe when you are uploading or downloading information?  Cloud applications use secure encrypted connections, so that the data is safe when it is in transit.

Benefits of the cloud

  • You can access the data anytime from anywhere. You can even access it from your phone or tablet. All you need is an internet connection.
  • It is easy for other applications to integrate and share data as well. For example you can use cloud-based accounting software, like Xero, and a cloud-based point of sale software. This means less data entry for you.
  • Software updates are available more often as there is no need to wait until the next version to come out.

How to Be Safe and Secure with the Cloud

Just like you endeavor to be safe and secure in all aspects of life, the cloud is no exception. There are a few things you can do to make sure everything stays secure.

  • Passwords – make sure your passwords are secure. Don’t use your child’s name or a pet’s name. You might think your combo is clever but short passwords that are personal oftentimes are the ones that get hacked. Consider using a passphrase Example: Let’s Go Eat Popcorn Today At The Movies for 2 hours (lgepctatm42h).
  • Use anti-virus software– This protects you from malicious software.
  • Don’t click on attachments you don’t know.
  • Beware of Phishing– often times phishing is through email, someone posing as someone else and asking for information or containing links the hacker wants you to click on.

The cloud is a great resource for business owners and it offers great benefits. We love the cloud and we think you will too!

Let us know if you want to explore if moving to the cloud with Xero is right for you.