Xero the Hero: Using Budgets

If your business uses budgets to stay on track, Xero does a great job of tracking your actual expense to your annual budget. In this article, we discuss how to import budgets into your Xero file.

How to do it

You can locate the Budget Manager tool under the Report tab in Xero. Go to Reports > Budget Manager.

From this screen, you can enter your budget totals using two methods:

Method 1: Enter totals directly through this window by month and overall. This a good method if your business is new to Budget creation or only want to budget for a few accounts.

Method 2: Use the Xero Budget Template to Import Budget totals. This is an advanced feature in Xero and you may need assistance from your Xero certified adviser.

To import Budget totals, select the Import Button. You will be directed to a new screen where you can download Xero’s Budget Template CSV file.

From this template, simply enter your budget numbers, then import the budget into Xero.

Need help with using budgets in Xero?  We can help!  Our team members are all certified in Xero and can get you up and running with budgets quickly.  Contact us to schedule a call on how we can help.