Xero the Hero: Time Saving Shortcuts

clock time saving shortcuts

Xero just keeps coming out with new time-saving shortcuts! They must know it’s that time of the year when we can really use it!

Plus (+) Icon

In the past, Xero users had to navigate through the menu items to locate Invoices, Bills or Contacts. One new feature to save time is the Plus (+) icon on the header (near the search bar).

plus icon time saving shortcuts

This makes it easier to find and use the functions you use a lot such as Invoice, Bill, Quote, Purchase Order, and Contact. We love being more efficient.

Just click the “+”, select the action you want to do, and Xero will take you directly there.

Time Saving Shortcuts in Files

You can create new transactions from the Files library now too.

First, navigate to Files using the company menu in the upper right corner, then locate the file you want to attach to the transaction. Check the box to the left. Finally, click Add to new and select the transaction type you want to create. The file will be attached to the new transaction.

files screenshot time saving shortcuts

Who doesn’t enjoy saving time? We are happy that Xero cares about our needs and desires to be more efficient. We look forward to the release of additional time-saving shortcuts in the future!