Challenge Accepted: Where to Find Good Advice For Your Business [Part Six]

Coffee shop September challenge

This is the sixth part of our Challenge Accepted series. Today we are talking about how to find good advice for your business. It can seem simple these days to get a plethora of advice. All you have to do is type your question into Google and it pulls up tons of advice! 


There is lots of advice on how to manage a small business, but not all of it is reliable. Much that you will find is not industry-specific either. For instance, what works for an IT consulting business might not work for a construction business.


  • Local business network groups
  • Social media business groups
  • Online business blogs
  • Financial partnership with an advisor

Local Business Networking Groups 

networking Where to find good advice for your business

There are many different local business networking groups. All you have to do is look around to find one that fits you.

One idea is to look for a local Meetup Group or your local chamber of commerce. These are great places to look for fellow business owners in a face-to-face setting. Although there are many ways to network these days, there is something to be said for face-to-face events within your community to support and be supported. 

Through these interactions, you can find the support that can help you generate business. You may even find other local business owners that have had similar struggles and are willing to share some words of wisdom with you. Often, local groups provide education or training on specific business topics for free.

Social Media Business Groups

Social media is something that can be really great when it comes to networking. It can also take up a lot of your time. But if you look for the right business group, they can be very helpful.

Many people have found success with Facebook Groups since they can be very industry-specific. LinkedIn also has some great groups that you can be a part of. The main thing to remember when looking for a group to join is to look for a group that deals with your specific industry. If you can’t find the perfect specific group that you have in mind, you could even create a group yourself! 

Online Business Blogs 

These days it is so easy to get business “advice” online. But not all sources online are sources that you will trust. A good idea is to follow some blogs and decide for yourself which ones give advice that you can trust and then use that advice.

A few things to look for when finding resources: Make sure they post consistently. Blog posts do not need to be uploaded every day, but they should be up to date and consistent. Make sure that the information is valuable to you. Get to know their story a little: knowing their background will help you to be able to share your story too. 

Financial Partnership with an Advisor

handshake Where to find good advice for your business

It can be really helpful to have an actual human that is in your corner and knows what they are talking about. Today’s accountants and bookkeepers do a lot more than reconcile bank accounts and then generate a report. Accountants and bookkeepers provide a fountain of knowledge on how to manage your business. Building these partnerships should be viewed as an investment but the value is exponential. 

It’s easy to find advice but can be challenging to find the right advice. We hope these tips help you in your quest to be a better business owner. We are sad to report that this is the last installment of our Challenge Accepted series for now. Let us know if you have any suggestions of challenges you face that you’d like us to tackle.