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Challenge Accepted: Where to Find Good Advice For Your Business [Part Six]

Coffee shop September challenge

This is the sixth part of our Challenge Accepted series. Today we are talking about how to find good advice for your business. It can seem simple these days to get a plethora of advice. All you have to do is type your question into Google and it pulls up tons of advice!  Challenge There […]

Challenge Accepted:  Am I Profitable? How Much Can I Pay Myself? [Part Five]

For the fifth part of our Challenge Accepted series, we will be talking about how to know if your business is profitable and how to determine how much to pay yourself as the business owner. Challenge A business needs to be profitable in order to be sustainable.  In addition, business owners need to pay themselves […]

Challenge Accepted: Setting Priorities to Focus On [Part Four]

Beyond Balanced Books

This is the fourth part of our Challenge Accepted series (be sure to read the earlier blogs of the series Bring Order to My Messy Books,  How to Set Up Your Business Properly, and Compliance Issues – What Are They and How Can I Avoid Them). Successful business owners need to be good at setting priorities.   According to […]

Challenge Accepted: Compliance Issues – What Are They and How Can I Avoid Them? [Part III]

key Compliance issues

For the third part of our Challenge Accepted series, we are going to shift our focus to compliance. (If you haven’t read Part One and Part Two of this series,  definitely check those out!) Exactly what do we mean by compliance when it comes to your small business? What is compliance? According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, one definition of […]

Challenge Accepted: How To Set Up Your Business Properly [Part Two]

This is the second part of a six-part series discussing some of the challenges that affect almost all business owners at one point or another.  The first part of the series was on Bringing Order to My Messy Books.  Today’s topic is talking about how to set up your business properly. Challenge It is a […]

Challenge Accepted: Bring Order to My Messy Books [Part One]

tangled roots Challenge Accepted

We are going to zero in on six different challenges that affect almost all business owners at some point in time. This will be an ongoing series called Challenge Accepted. Over the next couple of months, we will discuss each challenge and give you some ideas and solutions for each challenge you encounter. Here is […]