Working from home: Where should you start?

computer Where should you start

In light of the current COVID-19 situation, many small business owners and their teams’ are working from home, some for the first time. We know that this change can be very challenging for small business owners.  There are many technologies available that can enable you and your team to work successfully from home. But where should you start?  

Our team members at Beyond have all worked from home since our inception and we would like to share with you what helps us to successfully work from home. Our goal is to assist you through this unexpected crisis.

Enlist some help

Sometimes circumstances (such as the current crisis) thrust upon us the necessity to make changes. We know that this can be a bit scary. But working successfully from home can definitely be done. In fact, I can’t imagine working any other way!

Are you tech-savvy? If not, is there someone on your team that can help with the implementation of these changes? Or recruit your spouse, child, another family member, or a friend to assist. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Prioritize your needs

Make a list. Determine what is the most pressing need right now. Also identify which problems need to be solved today, tomorrow, next week, and next month. Tackle one at a time.

Keep it simple

Most tools have many features. Do not get bogged down with trying to implement all of them. Keep it simple. Focus on the basics to get going. You can always use more advanced features later.  

It’s okay if you feel a little unsure of how it will all turn out. You just need to take your first step. You can do this! You just need to know where you should start.

What technologies should you consider? In our next blog in this series, we will share with you some of our favorite tools that enable us to work successfully from home.