Repeating Invoices in Xero

Creating repeating invoices in Xero can save a lot of time if you are a company who charges your clients a monthly fee. There is no need to enter the same information every time you do your billing. By following these simple steps you can streamline your billing and free up some of your time.

  • Click on Create Sales Invoice.
  • Enter the information for the current invoice.
  • Click on Invoice Options in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Choose Repeat in the drop down list.
  • A box will appear in pink about the invoice as shown below. Choose how often you want the invoice to repeat.

Repeating Invoice Xero








  • In the Invoice Date box enter the date for the next invoice.
  • Choose the date the invoice is due. You can also choose an End Date if you want them to stop repeating at a certain date.
  • Next, choose what you would like Xero to do with the invoice. You can choose “Save as Draft” if you will need to edit the invoices before sending or if you would like to approve the invoice personally. If the invoices will be the same every time and you would like for the repeating invoice to be automatically approved then you would choose “Approve”. There is also an option to “Approve for Sending” that will automatically email the invoice to your customer on the date of the invoice.
  • To view your repeating invoices go to Sales>Invoices>Click on Repeating tab.