Time for Spring Cleaning of Your Business!

Spring has sprung! There is something about Spring that makes me want to clean. The urge generally doesn’t last too long, so I try to do my Spring cleaning when I feel the motivation. Spring is a good time to look at your bookkeeping, email, and even your desk, to see what could use some sprucing up. 

Spring Clean Your Bookkeeping

As you think about your bookkeeping, it would be good to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Chart of Accounts – Do you have any accounts that could be archived?
  • Customers/Vendors – Do you have any customers or vendors that could be archived?
  • Invoices – Do you have any older outstanding invoices that you might just want to write off?
  • Bills – Do you have any older outstanding bills that you might want to write off?

If it seems there are areas of your bookkeeping that need some spring cleaning, prioritize which items to clean first, then think of tasks you could schedule going forward to keep them that way. For example, to prevent older invoices from sitting on the books, you could review your Aged Receivables more often.

Spring Clean Your Email and Desk

It’s a good time of the year to think about cleaning up other things in your office too. Is your Email Inbox a little too full? Now is a good time to think about cleaning it out. What about your actual desk? Has it gotten a little messy lately? Why not try to set a goal of cleaning up something every week for the month of April. By doing this, you will be fresh for Spring and ready for the rest of the year too! 

It may not always be the most fun thing to clean, but having a clutter-free desk and a cleaned up inbox can make a huge difference in your productivity. You will also be setting yourself up so you can be ready to tackle whatever comes your way during the year.  And this can help your business to grow, to be more productive, and to be profitable.

Feel free to contact us if you need help cleaning up your Xero file or if during your Spring cleaning you come across some things that need more attention.