Xero Made a Video About Us!

Back in mid-September we had a very exciting day at Beyond Balanced Books! We were asked to be a part of a Xero case study video series. We were so honored to be asked, so of course we said yes! Let me tell you a little about that special day.

We felt like celebrities as we had morning appointments getting our hair and makeup done. It was so fun. Xero asked us for some ideas of places we might want to do the video shoot and we decided on a coffee shop near the office and also a winery that happens to be very close nearby the office.

Imagine being in your normal coffee shop but actually having a video crew shooting there. They had all their equipment out and we took over a whole corner of the store. Of course we happened to run into people we knew there too, that small town charm of Morgan Hill. It was quite the production but also it was such a fun experience. To see how much effort goes into these videos is amazing! The Xero video team really is skilled at what they do. We were shooting for about six hours for a two and a half minute video.

Then we head out to the winery to finish up the shoot. It’s so beautiful there, just breathtaking really! We felt so honored to be chosen to tell our story about Xero. They did a beautiful job capturing the energy we have and how we feel about innovation. We hope you enjoy the video too!