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Xero the Hero: Billable Expenses

Beyond Balanced Books

Have you heard of the billable expenses feature in Xero? It is a handy feature that can be especially good for construction contractors.  What are Billable Expenses? Billable expenses work by being able to assign a certain expense to a customer when you are entering a bill or spend money transaction. You can opt to […]

Starting a New Business – Using the Cloud

Beyond balanced books cloud computering

Have you been thinking of starting a new business? Now’s a great time to do it! Here’s a quick guide on how you can use the cloud to help. Why Use the Cloud The cloud provides many benefits to you when you are starting a new business because you can have all your documents and […]

Xero the Hero: Running Balances for Account Transactions

Tablet Ecosystems

Xero is always coming out with new features and that is something we love about Xero! A recently released feature got us pretty excited. There is now a running balance column on the bank account transactions page.  What is the Running Balance? The running balance on the Account Transactions Page includes all reconciled transactions and unreconciled […]

Xero the Hero: Three Invoicing Tips to Help You Get Paid Faster

Beyond Balanced Books

It’s important to get paid from your customers. We know this, you know this, they know this, but dealing with late payments is a pain (pun intended) we all have to deal with at times. Here are some tips to help with invoicing. Email your Invoices Snail mailing your invoicing only delays payment. Think about […]

Xero the Hero: Credit Notes – Part II

Beyond Balanced Books

We all know that Xero creates a user friendly method to receive money from customers and spend money for the goods and services that your company needs. However, what if you receive a credit from a supplier and want to apply it to future bills? In Part I of this topic we discussed applying credits […]