Are You Ready for Online Accounting?

cindyaccountingYou have been hearing about it, you may even be curious about it, but the real question is – are you ready for a online accounting? Online accounting provides so many benefits, including – anytime anywhere access, the ability to collaborate, and security of your precious data.

Anytime Anywhere Access

Do you ever feel chained to your computer? Many small business owners do because their accounting system is stored locally and is only accessible on the computer in their office. When you move to an online accounting system, you can access your data on any computer and most times on virtually any device.

This means that you can review which bills are to be paid or process your payroll from home, from your favorite vacation spot or anywhere there is internet access. This gives the small business owner a lot more freedom.


Would you like to spend less time with your accounting and more time in running your business? Online accounting opens up the door to your being able to have multiple people help you with your accounting.

With online accounting, you can delegate tasks to multiple people.   Maybe you want to have one person enter your bills, another enter the payroll and another review your overall accounting records. This can mean that you will have more time to spend on building your business.

No More Back Ups?

Do you ever worry about what may happen to your accounting data if your computer were to suddenly die or if your office or home had a disaster such as a flood or fire?   We have all heard horror stories from people we know of data losses.

With online accounting, your data is secure. You don’t even need to worry about creating a back-up! Data centers typically have multiple state of the art security controls and automatic offsite backup for disaster recovery purposes. This provides far more protection than a small business can afford to provide for their own data.

Are Your Ready for a Change?

There are many options available for online accounting. We have been working with online accounting solutions for many years and can walk you through the process of conversion. Please feel free to contact us so we can help you determine which online accounting solution is best for you and your business.