Tools of the Trade

Most professions have “tools of the trade” that they use, and bookkeeping is no exception.  I was recently reminded of how I love talking about and using such tools while attending the QuickBooks Connect accounting technology conference in San Jose in November.  

One of my favorite things to do at such conferences is to find out more about new or updated tools for our clients, tools for our own firm, and find new ways to use these tools to help our clients.

Tools for Our Clients

We are always on the lookout for tools that can benefit our clients.  Here are a few frequently asked questions we have received regarding tools with our recommendations:

What accounting solution should my business use?

The Beyond Team is certified in both QuickBooks Online (QBO) and XeroThe best accounting software is the one that works for you, your situation, your business, your specific needs. We can help you determine which solution is right for you.

What is the best payroll solution for my business?

We use Gusto for our own firm’s payroll and with many of our clients.  Gusto is easy to use and integrates well with both QBO and Xero.  We especially like Gusto for salaried employees on direct deposit as you can set up AutoPilot to automatically process your payroll on your schedule.

Is there an easy way to reimburse my employees and/or contractors?

Many of our clients use Expensify to reimburse their employees and contractors.  Expensify can integrate with both QBO and Xero and they make it easy to reimburse your employees or contractors by a direct deposit.  Expensify recently came out with a credit card too that promises to automatically upload your receipts.

Tools for Our Firm

Since we are a small business, many of the tools that we recommend to our clients are tools that we use internally too.  In addition to the ones mentioned above, here are some of the tools that we use internally:

  • Google Sheets – We use Google Sheets as a collaboration tool between team members and also with our clients.
  • Slack – We use Slack for our internal communication.  Since moving to Slack, our email volume has greatly decreased and our collaboration has improved.
  • TechSmith SnagIt – We use SnagIt daily to capture screen images.       

Tools Help Us Help You

Most times new clients come to us because they are experiencing trouble with their existing QuickBooks or Xero data file.  The Beyond Team really enjoys working on “clean-up” projects to straighten out the records during these projects. Since we made the switch of working with cloud accounting solutions several years ago, the tools that we use to effectively manage these projects have changed too. 

At this latest conference, I was excited to learn about some new tools tor us to test out and hopefully add to our “toolbox”! As a firm, we attend conferences like QB Connect with the goal of identifying the right tools to improve the accuracy of our work, the method of our work, and to improve client satisfaction with our work. Interested in learning how some of the tools above might fit for your business? Contact us at [email protected] to set up a free consultation.