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Should I switch to a new accounting platform?

Online accounting platforms are meant to relieve some of the anxiety of running a business. But often using the wrong platform means you’re left pulling your hair out in frustration or plagued with uncertainty about the future. At Beyond, we want all our clients to feel the ease and assurance that good accounting provides. That’s […]

Millennials and the Cloud

Millennials are taking over the work force. They have surpassed the baby boomers as the nation’s largest living generations. Millennials are those born between 1980 and close to 2000. Most likely you have millennials working in your business, in fact you might have predominantly millennials in your business. It’s important to understand millennials because they […]

Got Customers? Build Comprehensive Records for Them in Xero

Building thorough, precise customer records will improve the accuracy and depth of your transactions and reports. How did you keep track of your customers before you started using Xero? On paper forms in file folders? 3×5 cards? Maybe you created a file in Excel. How did that work for you? Probably not that well. Paper […]

Cloud Accounting Means Better Security

Yes, that’s right. Your data is more secure in cloud accounting than it is on your PC. That’s because the data centers that provide cloud accounting follow strict security procedures. Some of the security features include: Physical security including limiting building access and computer room access with James Bond-like features such as retina and fingerprint […]

Shortcut Your Management Time with Exception Reporting

Do you spend a lot of time reviewing stacks of reports each month so you can get the information you need to make decisions? Do you find out after the fact that something went wrong in your business and that if you had known about it sooner, you would have made different decisions? If so, […]