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Words of Wisdom from the BBB Team- A Team Retreat Activity

In early May the BBB Team had our second annual retreat!  Since we all work remotely, it is nice to be able to get together.  For the retreat, everyone had a topic assigned to present to the rest of the team.  Our topics ranged from marketing, workflow, working with apps and even a team workshop […]

Tales of a Globe-Trotting Bookkeeper

Two years ago, I was vaguely aware of the cloud. I knew the “cloud” existed, but it wasn’t the kind of cloud that had any sort of impact on my life, and I wasn’t terribly interested in finding out more about it. I was happily working in an office, elbowing my way through filing cabinets […]

Trello: A Love Story

Recently one of our team members wrote a fantastic blog about bullet journaling. It was inspiring! I’ve been on a bit of an organization kick lately, so it really resonated with me. How wonderful to have all your life organized in one easy to access place! The thing is I’m really not that into paper anymore. […]

Bullet Journaling for your Business

Have you heard of the bullet journaling craze? It’s a really popular thing right now.  If you look on Pinterest and Instagram you will see beautiful journaling pages artfully designed and so creative. It can be overwhelming to look at because there are just so many different great ideas! I’m personally starting a bullet journal […]

More Than One Type of Millennial

I recently read an article about how there are different types of millennials. Being a millennial myself, I really enjoyed this article because at times I didn’t always feel like I fit into the millennial mold. The article is called, “Don’t Call me a Millennial, I’m an Old Millennial“. I definitely suggest giving it a […]