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Will Robots Take My Job?

Last month, I stumbled upon a website called “Will Robots Take My Job?” The website sources it’s data from a 2013 report titled “The Future of Employment: How susceptible are jobs to computerization?”  (Benedikt Frey & Michael Osborne) Using the website is pretty straightforward; enter your job or industry, and you receive an “automation risk […]

Automation in Xero Part One – Repeating Invoices

Automation is ever important in our world today. We all want more time, but seem only to have less of it. By making our lives more streamlined and automated we can save time.  Saving time can lead to saving money too. Over the next few weeks, we will be discussing ways that you can be […]

Xero the Hero: Create and Send a Payment Remittance Advice

drawer Send a remittance advice

Did you know that you can send a receipt to a contact/supplier to let them know you have paid them? It’s a pretty nice feature. Today we discuss how to send a payment remittance advice in Xero. What is a Remittance Advice? First, let’s cover what exactly is a remittance advice. A remittance advice is […]

Xero The Hero: Using Xero to Collaborate

puzzle xero to collaborate

This month we are focusing on collaboration. One of the Beyond Team’s favorite tools is Xero. Find out how our team uses features in Xero to collaborate with our clients. The Discuss Feature We regularly use the Discuss feature in Xero. The Discuss tab can be found when you have any unreconciled transactions and you […]

Xero the Hero: Tracking Categories

Beyond Balanced Books

Today we are featuring one of our favorite industries of all times – construction contractors!  We have found that using tracking categories in Xero works well for construction contractors. What are Tracking Categories? Tracking categories are used in Xero to see how different areas of your business are performing.  Additionally, they allow you to run […]

Xero the Hero: Billable Expenses

Beyond Balanced Books

Have you heard of the billable expenses feature in Xero? It is a handy feature that can be especially good for construction contractors.  What are Billable Expenses? Billable expenses work by being able to assign a certain expense to a customer when you are entering a bill or spend money transaction. You can opt to […]

Contractors: Three Challenges Solved by Xero

Man modern contractor's toolbox

This month we are featuring construction contractors. We love working with construction contractors and you could even say we specialize in working with contractors. Contractors face some unique challenges. Today we will talk about three challenges that contractors might face and how tools in Xero can help solve these challenges. Invoicing and Getting Paid Quickly We […]