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Xero the Hero: Running Balances for Account Transactions

Tablet Ecosystems

Xero is always coming out with new features and that is something we love about Xero! A recently released feature got us pretty excited. There is now a running balance column on the bank account transactions page.  What is the Running Balance? The running balance on the Account Transactions Page includes all reconciled transactions and unreconciled […]

It’s the Last Quarter of the Year!

Fall is here, and along with pumpkin spice lattes that have taken the world by a storm, there is something else to think about.  October 1st marks the beginning of the final quarter of the year. What does that mean for you? Well, it can mean a lot of things for different people and different business but […]

Xero Reporting: Unreconciled Statement Lines

You probably are familiar with how Xero allows users to leave notes under the Discuss Tab for unreconciled statement lines within the Bank Reconciliation screen. We have found that this is a great tool for collaboration between us and our clients and also for our clients. Once again Xero has made a good thing even […]

Xero the Hero: Three Invoicing Tips to Help You Get Paid Faster

Beyond Balanced Books

It’s important to get paid from your customers. We know this, you know this, they know this, but dealing with late payments is a pain (pun intended) we all have to deal with at times. Here are some tips to help with invoicing. Email your Invoices Snail mailing your invoicing only delays payment. Think about […]

We Love Working With Contractors

We love working with contractors. In fact we would say that we specialize in working with contractors. Why?  My husband is a landscape contractor. This makes it easy for me to relate on a personal level to contractors. Doing the day to day bookkeeping of my husband’s business for more than three decades has given […]

Things are Changing with Modern Client Accounting Services

Beyond Balanced Books

Things are changing with client accounting services these days. Recently my mom and I talked about doing bookkeeping with a paper system how archaic that method seems now! Think about all the changes the industry has seen in the last 20 years. From paper to desktop computer,  from desktop computer to the cloud.  The changes have been huge. […]

Sending Receipts in Xero

Sending Receipts in Xero

If you are a client that uses invoices in Xero, you likely already know that you can send electronic copies to your customers. However, did you know that you can also send electronic receipts? Let’s see how. First, locate the invoice payment by going to Bank Account>Account Transactions. Open the transaction. From the Options Menu […]