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The Comparison: The Cloud vs. Desktop Accounting

tablet cloud vs desktop accounting

As an individual, I would not be termed an early-adopter. I’m cautious about new technology. I wait until it’s been tested, recommended, and proven to be easy to use and extremely convenient. I am a millennial, but I preferred paperbacks and hardcovers to eBooks. I filled notebooks during classes and lectures. I was trained in […]

Tales of a Globe-Trotting Bookkeeper

Two years ago, I was vaguely aware of the cloud. I knew the “cloud” existed, but it wasn’t the kind of cloud that had any sort of impact on my life, and I wasn’t terribly interested in finding out more about it. I was happily working in an office, elbowing my way through filing cabinets […]

How to Automate your Summer

It’s summer! Perhaps by now your kids are out of school and you are enjoying the weather together or maybe you are planning a fun vacation. We hope you are! Earlier we talked about ways that the cloud can help you enjoy your summer and today we would like to add to that topic by discussing […]

Understanding PayPal Direct Feeds

paypal direct feeds

One of the core features of Xero is the ability to upload bank feeds into your accounting system automatically. In recent years, Xero has been working to improve this aspect of their platform by providing direct feeds. Direct feeds are pretty self-explanatory: It is a direct connection between Xero and a financial institution for the […]

Benefits of Ongoing Bookkeeping Services

Tablet Ecosystems

Some people wonder if it is worth it to hire a bookkeeper.  Have you ever wondered this?  Also, what should you expect from a quality bookkeeper?  To help you answer these questions, consider some benefits of having ongoing bookkeeping services.  This time of the year many of us reflect on how things went last year and […]

Beyond Balanced Books wins Partnership Impact in Xero Awards Americas

January 19, 2018 –Morgan Hill, California Beyond Balanced Books Inc won top honors in the annual Xero Awards Americas, claiming the Partnership Impact Award for 2017. Xero, a global small business platform, has over 100,000 business advisors worldwide as part of its network and it was an outstanding achievement for Beyond Balanced Books Inc. to be […]

Xero the Hero: Customize Your Dashboard

old instruments customizing dashboard in xero

We love how Xero lets you customize so many things. Did you know that you can edit your dashboard in Xero? We think customizing your dashboard is a great feature! Today we will show you the steps to customize your dashboard. 1. Navigate to your Xero Dashboard. If you login to your Xero account directly, […]

Automation Part Three: Repeating Journal Entries

Beyond Balanced Books

Welcome to Part Three of our series on automation within Xero. We are focusing on ways you can use Xero to automate and streamline your bookkeeping. We have already discussed how you can use Repeating Invoices & Default Settings. Now we will touch on how you can setup Repeating Journal Entries. Manual Journals are used by […]

Automation in Xero Part Two – Default Settings

typing default settings

We are continuing our series on how to get more automated within Xero. Earlier this month, in Part One, we discussed how to use repeating invoices. This week, we will focus on how you can use Xero’s default settings to save you even more time! Xero’s Default Settings When we talk about default settings, we […]