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Will Robots Take My Job?

I stumbled upon a website called “Will Robots Take My Job?” The website sources its data from a 2013 report about the future of employment. Using the website is pretty simple; you enter your job or industry, and you receive an “automation risk level” for how likely your job could be replaced by a robot. […]

App Spotlight: Google Sheets

This month we have been discussing collaboration within the cloud and within your business. If you are not using Google Sheets, you really should consider using it to collaborate. We are a bit obsessed with Google Sheets over at Beyond Headquarters. There is a lot of excited banter about all the new things we have discovered […]

Ecosystems and What They Mean for Us

Tablet Ecosystems

Much of my accounting background has been very “old-school”. I always worked in an office, with an accounting team, in a traditional accounting framework. The accounting ecosystem at that time was driven purely by people. Everyone worked in a single desktop software system, and you worked in the same office. I figured that doing accounting […]

Things are Changing with Modern Client Accounting Services

Beyond Balanced Books

Things are changing with client accounting services these days. Recently our team was talking about how bookkeeping used to be done with a paper system. How archaic that method seems now! Think about all the changes the industry has seen in the last 20 years. From paper to the desktop computer,  from the desktop computer to the […]

Xero the Hero: Using Placeholders

xero 1 using placeholders

Using placeholders in Xero allows you to create dynamic repeating invoices and bills. You can insert a placeholder on any line of a repeating invoice template and Xero will use the placeholder to insert the indicated week, month, or year when creating the invoices. For example, say that you invoice your customers on the 15th […]