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Beyond Back to Basics: Four Important Reports

tablet four important reports

Have you ever wondered why your bookkeeper gives you four main reports? Have you ever wondered why these particular four reports are included and what they actually mean? This article will share the purpose of the four main reports and why you should be looking at them. Think of your reports as a vehicle to tell your […]

Understanding PayPal Direct Feeds

paypal direct feeds

One of the core features of Xero is the ability to upload bank feeds into your accounting system automatically. In recent years, Xero has been working to improve this aspect of their platform by providing direct feeds. Direct feeds are pretty self-explanatory: It is a direct connection between Xero and a financial institution for the […]

Benefits of Ongoing Bookkeeping Services

Tablet Ecosystems

Some people wonder if it is worth it to hire a bookkeeper.  Have you ever wondered this?  Also, what should you expect from a quality bookkeeper?  To help you answer these questions, consider some benefits of having ongoing bookkeeping services.  This time of the year many of us reflect on how things went last year and […]

Beyond Announced as One of Hubdoc’s Top 50 Accountants for 2017

Hubdoc's Top 50 Accountants

We are excited to announce that Cindy and the Beyond Team were named as one of the Hubdoc’s Top 50 Cloud Accountants for 2017 for the fourth year in a row!  Hubdoc is a secure document storage application that converts your financial documents into useable data. With the ability to auto-fetch bank statements, bills, and […]

Xero The Hero: Machine Learning in Bill Entering

We talk a lot about “machine learning” at Beyond and in our everyday life. It seems to have become a buzzword these days, but have you ever wondered what exactly is “machine learning”? We have too. For the purpose of this discussion let’s define what it is a focus on how Xero uses machine learning […]

Getting Ready for Year-End

path getting ready for year end

Although the 4th Quarter has barely begun, the Beyond Team has been busy getting ready for year-end. At our firm, the first four months of the year requires “all hands on deck”. We find that year-end goes most smoothly when transactions and reconciliations are up-to-date before the actual end of the year. As the old […]

Xero the Hero: Transfer Bank Rules

We have all been eagerly awaiting bank transfer rules. We are so excited to find out that this Xero update has been released! What exactly are bank transfer rules and why are we so excited about them?  What are Transfer Rules? Bank transfer rules are basically bank rules for bank transfers and credit card payments. […]