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Time for Spring Cleaning of Your Business!

Spring has sprung! There is something about Spring that makes me want to clean. The urge generally doesn’t last too long, so I try to do my Spring cleaning when I feel the motivation. Spring is a good time to look at your bookkeeping, email, and even your desk, to see what could use some […]

Contractors: Three Challenges Solved by Xero

Man modern contractor's toolbox

This month we are featuring construction contractors. We love working with construction contractors and you could even say we specialize in working with contractors. Contractors face some unique challenges. Today we will talk about three challenges that contractors might face and how tools in Xero can help solve these challenges. Invoicing and Getting Paid Quickly We […]

Ecosystems and What They Mean for Us

terrarium ecosystems

Much of my accounting background has been very “old-school”. I always worked in an office, in a traditional accounting framework. Everyone worked in a single desktop software system, and you worked in the same office.I figured that doing accounting remotely wasn’t in my future. I was happily mistaken. This month officially marks my first year […]

Xero Reporting: Unreconciled Statement Lines

You probably are familiar with how Xero allows users to leave notes under the Discuss Tab for unreconciled statement lines within the Bank Reconciliation screen. We have found that this is a great tool for collaboration between us and our clients and also for our clients. Once again Xero has made a good thing even […]

We Love Working With Contractors

We love working with contractors. In fact we would say that we specialize in working with contractors. Why?  My husband is a landscape contractor. This makes it easy for me to relate on a personal level to contractors. Doing the day to day bookkeeping of my husband’s business for more than three decades has given […]

Beyond Balanced Books is Xero’s 2016 Bookkeeping Partner of the Year

Xero's Bookkeeping Partner of the Year

Many of you know that we were in San Francisco last week at XeroCon. We were delighted to receive the award of Xero’s 2016 Bookkeeping Partner of the Year!  We are so honored to have won this award. XeroCon is the ultimate accounting technology conference and we had a fun filled four days. We can’t wait to tell […]

Xero the Hero: Keyboard Shortcuts

Xero is always coming out with new features.  Most of their features are designed around saving time and entering data efficiently and accurately. One of the most recent new features is keyboard shortcuts. We love how the new keyboard shortcuts save us time and make us more productive. In this article, we will discuss how […]