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App Spotlight: Gusto

Can you believe it’s already the new year! If you have been thinking about changing your payroll service, now is the best time to switch. Gusto, formerly known as ZenPayroll, is a great payroll service. We know from experience because we use it for our payroll here at Beyond Balanced Books. We have many clients […]

How to Avoid Sales Tax Surprises

Sales tax laws are constantly changing, and sales tax audits have increased since states and local agencies have become creative about finding new ways to generate revenues.  If you haven’t made any changes in your sales tax procedures in a while, you are probably at risk.  Taxability From state to state, the taxability of items […]

How to attach a document to a bill in Xero

With the files feature, Xero gives users the ability to attach documents to bills. When a document is attached to the bill, it can be referenced with a single click. To attach a document to a bill, simply click on the files icon indicated in the image by the green arrow. Next, click on “+Upload […]

Xero the Hero: Reconciling Bank Accounts

Manual, paper-based account reconciliation can take some time.  Xero’s tools can make reconciling easier and faster. We actually love doing reconciliations.  But we have learned that most people do not.  If you have struggled with reconciling in the past, be assured that it can get better. With the help of some tools from Xero, you […]

What to Do About Spam

Unfortunately, spam is an inevitable part of today’s digital world.  The bad news is if you have your spam settings set too tightly, you will lose good emails.  If you receive new prospects via email, you may miss out on good clients and revenue.  If you have your settings too loose, you have to take […]

How to Use Discuss Feature in Xero:

Xero contains many features that enable multiple users to work together with ease. One such feature is the Discuss tab on the reconciliation screen. Within this tab, users can save notes regarding any one un-reconciled bank statement line. The result is that issues can be resolved and questions answered much more quickly. When you are […]

Working with Bills and Expenses in Xero

It’s much more gratifying to work with incoming payments, but the money has to go out sometimes, too. Here’s an overview. Xero provides numerous ways to pay for goods and services that your company needs in Xero. How you do so depends on the type of expenditure you’re creating. The most common options are: A […]

Mid-Year Milestones

Wow, can you believe that 2015 is half over already?  Now that we’ve crossed the halfway mark, it’s time to see if we’re on track for our 2015 goals.  To do that, we need to see if we’ve met our mid-year milestones.  Managing By Milestones  A milestone, in project management terms, is simply a point […]

What Is Real-Time Accounting (and Why Should You Care)?

Real-time accounting is when your books are caught up to the present and you know exactly where you stand with your account balances, revenue, and profit. It’s truly doing your accounting in real time. The opposite of real-time accounting is getting your books done once a year (or worse, being years behind). When you wait […]