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Loving the Xero Community

Oftentimes people ask me why I choose Xero as our cloud accounting platform.  Foremost is that I love the product.  I can recall vividly the first day I was introduced to Xero.  Within a very short time, I fell in love with the bank reconciliation.  It is still one of my favorite features in Xero.  […]

Xero The Hero: Machine Learning in Bill Entering

We talk a lot about “machine learning” at BBB headquarters and also in everyday life. It seems to have become a buzzword these days, but have you ever wondered what exactly is “machine learning”. We have too. For the purpose of this discussion let’s define what it is a focus on how Xero uses machine […]

Converting to Xero – Now’s the Time!

Beyond Balanced Books

Have you been thinking about converting to Xero? If converting to Xero is something you have thought about, then now is the time to do it!  If you convert your QuickBooks to Xero file before December 31st, you will be able to get all of the 2016 and 2017 transactions converted over to Xero. If you […]

Getting Ready for Year-End

Although the 4th Quarter has barely begun, the BBB Team has been busy getting ready for year-end. At our firm, the first four months of the year requires “all hands on deck”. We find that year-end goes most smoothly when transactions and reconciliations are up-to-date before the actual end of the year. As the old […]

Xero the Hero: Transfer Rules

 We have all been eagerly awaiting bank transfer rules. We are so excited to find out that this update has been released! What exactly are bank transfer rules and why are we so excited about them?  Bank Transfer Rules Bank transfer rules are basically bank rules for bank transfers and credit card payments. Previously there […]

Back to Business

Beyond balanced books

September is here!  Oh, how I love September.  It’s definitely my favorite month followed closely by October.  What is it about September that I love so much you might ask? Well for one, it is my anniversary month and I like to celebrate all month long.  But another big reason might also appeal to you […]

Automation Part Three: Repeating Journal Entries

Beyond Balanced Books

Welcome to Part Three of our series on automation within Xero. We are focusing on ways you can use Xero to automate and streamline your bookkeeping. We have already discussed how you can use Repeating Invoices & Default Settings . Now we will touch on how you can setup Repeating Journal Entries. Manual Journals are used by […]

Automation in Xero Part Two – Default Settings

Beyond Balanced Books

We are continuing our series on how to get more automated within Xero.  Earlier this month, in Part One, we discussed how you can automate your invoices and how to use repeating invoices. This week, we will focus on how you can use Xero’s default settings to save you even more time! Default Settings When […]

Will Robots Take My Job?

Last month, I stumbled upon a website called “Will Robots Take My Job?” The website sources it’s data from a 2013 report titled “The Future of Employment: How susceptible are jobs to computerization?”  (Benedikt Frey & Michael Osborne) Using the website is pretty straightforward; enter your job or industry, and you receive an “automation risk […]