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Shortcut Your Management Time with Exception Reporting

Do you spend a lot of time reviewing stacks of reports each month so you can get the information you need to make decisions? Do you find out after the fact that something went wrong in your business and that if you had known about it sooner, you would have made different decisions? If so, […]

Are You Ready for Online Accounting?

You have been hearing about it, you may even be curious about it, but the real question is – are you ready for a online accounting? Online accounting provides so many benefits, including – anytime anywhere access, the ability to collaborate, and security of your precious data. Anytime Anywhere Access Do you ever feel chained […]

Why Should You Do Bank Reconciliations?

Bank reconciliations. You know you should do them, but why? What is a bank reconciliation? What should you look at after you have performed a bank reconciliation? How often should reconciliations be done? What is a Bank Reconciliation? A bank reconciliation is a comparison of what the bank says your balance is to what your […]

Five Tips to Get Ready for a Pain-Free Tax Time

Now is a perfect time to get your financial records in order. Tax moves you make now can mean saving you money. Here are five quick tips for you to feel more prepared about your financial status as you go into year-end. Avoid Penalties This time of year is ideal to double-check your tax payments […]

Five Fun Features in Xero You Can Profit From

A great accounting system should help you streamline your accounting processes, speed receivables, and help you identify opportunities to increase your profits. In order to maximize these benefits, you’ll want to make sure you take advantage of the system’s features that enable these benefits. There are many features to benefit from, and here are just […]

Five Best-Practice Accounts Payable Tips for a Smoother Cash Flow

Watching the cash balance is one of the most frequent activities of a small business owner. Besides making sure you have enough cash for payroll and bills, there is another huge opportunity you can benefit from: lowering the cost of processing your bills. It can be expensive and time-consuming to process bills and handle the […]

Reports That Count

If you are wanting more information than you normally get when it comes to your monthly financial reporting, Xero delivers some quite unique numbers that you will love to look forward to. There is “life” beyond the boring balance sheet and sometimes incomprehensible income statement, and here’s how Xero delivers. Executive Summary The Executive Summary […]

Need an A/R Makeover? A Quick, 5-Item Best Practice Checklist

Technology has allowed businesses to make substantial improvements in their customer invoicing processes. The good news is that when you implement these technologies, you will almost always get paid much faster. If it’s been a few years since the last time you’ve changed your accounts receivable processes, it’s time for a new look. Here are […]

Five Hidden Talents of Your Accountant

When you think of an accountant’s duties, you might think about traditional tasks, such as tax preparation, bookkeeping, and financial statement preparation. Here are five additional tasks that accountants can help with that you might not think of. 1. Evaluating Current Accounting Employees How can you know if your accounting employee is a star that […]