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Beyond Back To Basics – What is an Income Statement?

What is an income statement

An Income Statement is one of the most common reports in accounting.  As a business owner, you have no doubt looked at your income statement.  But we like to get back to basics here at Beyond, so we are discussing:  What is an income statement?  What should you look at when reviewing your income statement?  And how can […]

Beyond Back to Basics: Four Important Reports

tablet four important reports

Have you ever wondered why your bookkeeper gives you four main reports? Have you ever wondered why these particular four reports are included and what they actually mean? This article will share the purpose of the four main reports and why you should be looking at them. Think of your reports as a vehicle to tell your […]

Bullet Journaling for your Business

lady writing bullet journaling for business

Have you heard of the bullet journaling craze? It’s a really popular thing right now.  If you look on Pinterest and Instagram you will see beautiful journaling pages artfully designed and so creative. It can be overwhelming to look at because there are just so many different great ideas! I’m personally starting a bullet journal […]

Benefits of Ongoing Bookkeeping Services

Tablet Ecosystems

Some people wonder if it is worth it to hire a bookkeeper.  Have you ever wondered this?  Also, what should you expect from a quality bookkeeper?  To help you answer these questions, consider some benefits of having ongoing bookkeeping services.  This time of the year many of us reflect on how things went last year and […]

More Than One Type of Millennial

I recently read an article about how there is more than one type of millennial. Being a millennial myself, I really enjoyed this article because at times I didn’t always feel like I fit into the millennial mold. The article is called, “Don’t Call me a Millennial, I’m an Old Millennial“. I definitely suggest giving […]

The Millennial Migration

I recently viewed a documentary about the great migration accomplished each year by monarch butterflies. I was aware that monarch butterflies migrated. What I didn’t know was that only a specific generation makes the trip from Canada to Mexico. This special generation actually lives longer and flies farther than their parents and grandparents. This got […]

Do You Want To Get Paid Faster? Xero Hour Recap

Everyone wants to get paid faster. Last month at Xero Hour San Jose we discussed ways to get paid faster. It was a lot of fun! In case you weren’t able to make it to Xero Hour in June, we will summarize a few of the points we discussed. We talked about different payment solutions that integrate […]

The Benefits of Collaboration

beyond balanced books start up businesses

Collaboration is a very trendy word these days in the business world. Millennials love to collaborate and it seems to be a hot topic. Gone are the days of independently working on tasks. Most tasks seem to be shared by a team and collaborated on. What exactly is collaboration, and what are the benefits to […]