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Xero the Hero: Creating New Accounts

In any accounting software system, the list of account categories is commonly called the Chart of Accounts. This list helps categorize the assets, liabilities, equity, income, and expenses of your business. Occasionally, you may find that you need to add a new account to your Chart of Accounts. In Xero, creating new accounts can be […]

Make Xero Yours with Customization Options

journal customization options

Xero’s multiple subscription levels, hundreds of add-ons, and numerous settings help you mold its framework to fit the unique requirements and workflows of your company. This exceptional flexibility makes it a great application for countless types of businesses. However, customization options in Xero go even further. Below we discuss some of the additional customizations available. […]

Xero the Hero: Setting up Bank Feeds

nails setting up bank feeds

Having bank feeds activated in Xero makes reconciling your accounts a breeze. By setting up bank feeds, Xero automatically brings over transactions from your bank and credit card accounts. Setting up bank feeds is as easy as signing in to your online banking. Add a new bank account From the Dashboard, navigate to the Accounting […]

Repeating Invoices in Xero

Creating repeating invoices in Xero can save a lot of time if you are a company who charges your clients a monthly fee. There is no need to enter the same information every time you do your billing. By following these simple steps you can streamline your billing and free up some of your time. […]

Cloud Accounting Means Better Security

Yes, that’s right. Your data is more secure in cloud accounting than it is on your PC. That’s because the data centers that provide cloud accounting follow strict security procedures. Some of the security features include: Physical security including limiting building access and computer room access with James Bond-like features such as retina and fingerprint […]

Viewing Published Reports in Xero

As part of our ongoing services with Xero clients, we periodically generate reports. Xero makes it easy to deliver these reports to our clients. In this article, we will discuss how we share reports with our clients and the steps they can take for viewing published reports in Xero. How it works First, we save […]

Are You Ready for Online Accounting?

You have been hearing about it, you may even be curious about it, but the real question is – are you ready for a online accounting? Online accounting provides so many benefits, including – anytime anywhere access, the ability to collaborate, and security of your precious data. Anytime Anywhere Access Do you ever feel chained […]