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Sending Receipts in Xero

paper airplane sending receipts in Xero

If you are a client that uses invoices in Xero, you likely already know that you can send electronic copies to your customers. However, did you know that you can also send electronic receipts? Let’s discuss sending receipts in Xero. Send a receipt directly from payment First, locate the invoice payment by going to Bank […]

Xero the Hero: Applying Split Payments to Bills & Invoices

Have you ever received a bill that you would like to partially pay? What should you do if you receive a partial payment from a customer? Xero allows business owners to navigate these challenges successfully with the ability to apply split payments against both invoices and bills. Let’s see how. How to split a payment In […]

Using Budgets in Xero

Budgets in Xero

Setting up a budget within your accounting system is the best way to keep you on track in planning revenue and expenses. If your business uses budgets, Xero does a great job of tracking your actual expenses to your annual budget. In this article, we discuss how to create and import budgets into your Xero […]

Xero the Hero: Keyboard Shortcuts

Xero is always coming out with new features.  Most of their features are designed around saving time and entering data efficiently and accurately. One of the most recent new features is keyboard shortcuts. We love how the new keyboard shortcuts save us time and make us more productive. In this article, we will discuss how […]

Xero the Hero: Running the 1099 Report

book running 1099 report

January is here and with it comes the task of determining who requires a 1099-MISC form. Running a 1099 report in Xero is very useful in the review process. It is designed to help you locate contacts and payments that qualify for 1099 reporting. Note: To run the 1099 Report, you must have Advisor access […]